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Bobby Tombasco
In this modern society where mediocrity is celebrated as genius on a regular basis, it’s refreshing to witness first hand, the emergence of a true musical virtuoso.

But this is Bobby Tombasco’s page, not Rob Schwimmer’s so you won’t see anything like that here.

A Brief Bobliography

Bobby was born in 1953. By 1957 like most kids that age, he was four. It was around this time that he picked up the piano and it was the consequential double-hernia that led him slowly and with short, deliberate steps to the guitar; the instrument he would eventually end up getting half-decent on or, getting on half-decent with.

Bobby Tombasco
Bobby Tombasco circa 1952
In 1961 he wrote and recorded his first song in his parent’s basement; it was a big cellar.

By 1984 he’d amassed a substantial catalog of more than 150 original titles. He would spend the next 20 years writing all the songs to put after those titles. His passion for writing remains as intense now as it was when he first embraced the craft as a youngster back in 1961 and to this day 47 years later, he continues to get older.

Little-known facts about this little-known artist.

    Bobby Tombasco
    2007 – Photo taken during village wide blackout and coincidental total lunar eclipse. Missing from photo, Bobby Tombasco.
  1. Wrote hit songs for the likes of (well, for people who sort of look like) Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Barbra Striesand, the Schmengie Brothers, Cher, Sting and a host of others.
  2. He is proud of having the distinction of being the 304,687,158th Beatle.
  3. Considered by several to be one of, if not the greatest songwriter to ever come out of his parent’s house.
  4. Preferes writing on the piano because when he writes on the guitar he keeps dropping his pencil into the hole (not a euphemism.)
  5. His prolificacy as a songwriter is directly attributed to the fact that he writes in a bunch of different styles.
  6. Waived his 15 minutes of fame, opting instead for the entire 70,600,320 minutes of obscurity.
  7. Pet-peeves: uber-pretentious people; writing bios.
  8. Hobbies include: Playing goalie for a local dart team; tilting at windmills; listening to the music of Johann Strauss ¾ of the time; lifting weights for the much-anticipated return of big-bands; correcting people who describe an instance as being ironic when in fact, it had merely been a coincidence (ironically something he did three times last week.); playing bocce.


  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. Is the bear Catholic?
  4. Really?
  5. What time is it?
  6. Hello?
  7. What the hell are ya doin?
  8. Awe you tawkin ta me?
  9. Are you ready to order?
  10. Who killed Bunny Lake
  11. Is it just a coincidence that so many FAQ lists are a 10 count
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