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Bobby Tombasco
P.O.Box 250
Drums, PA. 18222

Magazine quotes for “Next Christmas.”

  • ”Pure harmonic pop bliss.”
                Stereo-Type Mag.
  • "Inspired Origional"
                Center Daily Times
                State College, PA.

  • "Light, Breezy sound with tight harmonies."

  • "Crosby, Stills & Nash style Ballad."
                Sunday News
                Lancaster, PA.

"Quote Of The Month," September

"Two of many benefits to growing long in the tooth: 1.As you get older you worry less about your pose and concentrate more on your stance. 2.You no longer look for your reflection in other people's eyes."

Other Quotes

  • Installed 5' x 50' concrete sidewalk - $3,000.
  • Tonsilectomy (ice cream not included) - $10,000.
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